While working at Systech, we had a client that was mass upgrading their systems from Windows XP to Windows 8. We discovered that at some point many years ago, a custom label printing app was built that integrated into their Sage ERP to allow them to quickly print container labels for orders after they were packed and ready to ship. These labels listed what the contents of the package were and was critical to their operations. The app was built in 16 bit code and would not run on Windows 8, so I was asked to build a new version of the application and replicate the functionality.

I worked directly with the owner of the company, as well as warehouse personnel, to built a list of features that needed to be implemented in the new version. It was a simple app that allowed a user to click into a terminal field, enter an order number, list the order items, and print a label with those items on it. The app integrated directly into the ERP database (which I believe was Pervasive SQL) to pull the data to display.

I implemented the same functionality in the upgraded version of the app, but also enhanced it by redesigning the labels to work with industrial Zebra thermal printers, and implemented a number of keybindings as shortcuts to quickly navigate the app. This not only allowed them to continue with their upgrade, but also increased the speed at which they were able to generate labels.