Yes, its scary. Putting yourself out there for the world to see can be terrifying because others might see that you don’t quite know what you’re talking about! But there are so many benefits in starting a blog or newsletter.

Use what you know

If you are a developer by day, then you already have likely contributed to or built features that users are actively taking advantage of.

Starting by explaining some of the work you’ve done, sharing code samples where possible (please don’t share company secrets though!), and talk through the process you’ve used to build it.

Start simple

Don’t take on something monumental. It could even be as simple as how you coded a button to to something very specific as it relates to whatever application you are working on.

Accept that you won’t be great…yet

If you already follow developers who blog, you might think “there is no way that I’ll be as good as them!” and honestly, you’re right. They’ve likely put hundreds or thousands of hours into writing, so they’ve put in the work already. Writing is like a muscle, it gets stronger the more you use it.

Just do it

Sorry Nike, it’s a great motto! Just start by writing something, anything, regardless of how impactful you think it will be. Putting a little inertia into something can help move it forward so quickly.

Have you ever been stressed about writing a feature at work, so you put it off for hours or days? Then you start writing just a little bit of code and all of a sudden it’s almost done?

Yeah, same thing.