So this week, I finally solved a problem that has been bugging me for years. To give a little background first, I wrote a script that would hook into my primary Trello board and generate an HTML report that I could print and manually check off my tasks. I know, I’m all techie and still using paper, but it helps keep me focused. Well I have been trying to implement Bootstrap into the report just to get the look and feel of it, and everything seemed to go fine until I linked the JavaScript file. Chrome would throw an error and viewing the JavaScript would actually show in Chinese;

I stumbled upon a post on Stack Overflow which had nothing to do with PowerShell, but someone experienced a similar issue with an HTML file generated from an editor. The poster recreated the file manually and didn’t experience the issue. He made a comment about the encoding needing to be UTF-8. So I edited my script to force the encoding, and it worked!

Now I’m using this to build a script to archive my projects from Trello in a similar manner. 😎