I hate reading. It puts me to sleep. I love the idea of reading but could never last through one or two paragraphs before wanting to fall to sleep. That said, I want 2019 to be the year that I break out and I realize that in order to do that, I need to be educating myself using whatever means necessary, including reading books. So I resolved to read 26 books in 2019, thus coining the hashtag #26books on Twitter.

I’m 10 days into reading mostly self help, motivational style books through audio, since most of my free time is spent in the car or working around the house. Audiobooks are serious business. They allow you to consume content all while performing other tasks you have to do anyway. So although I committed to 26 books in all of 2019, I’m actually 5 in already.

The wonderful side affect of reading all these self help books (which I totally didn’t expect) is that my mind has constantly been churning with new and wonderful ideas on how I can grow myself personally and apply this knowledge at home, with my family, at the workplace, and they have given me a ton of ideas on how to reach a wider audience with my skills and knowledge and help more people than I gave myself credit for…even last week…

I would highly encourage you to take up this (or any other) reading challenge. Find a list of books that can help you grow and just grind the hell out of them using Audio or print.

Along with all these, my other books I’m planning to read this year circle around becoming a better developer. I recently transitioned into that role at work and am completely self taught, so I want to fill those holes in. I haven’t finished one of those yet, so I’ll report back once I have.

If you want to see my full list of books, check out my Trello board: